Signature arrival

One Couple’s Signature Arrival to One Happy Island

Meet Tucker and Katelyn. They met in Boston at a New Year’s Eve party and fell madly in love. Their whirlwind courtship ended with the decision to marry as soon as possible, but it was still in the dead of winter. Tucker then had a brilliant idea. Why not escape to a tropical destination for the wedding? Just leave all the winter weather behind and head to a place that would be warm and sunny. She loved the idea, and together they decided one place stood out above all the rest: Aruba! After all, it has more sunny days than any other Caribbean island, and its perfect weather goes nicely with its beautiful beaches – any number of which would make a gorgeous setting for the simple wedding they were both envisioning:

Signature arrival

Planning a Signature Arrival

As the time drew near for them to depart, Tucker had another brilliant idea. He wanted to make the arrival to One Happy Island as lovely and relaxing for his bride as possible. A simple Google search led him to the perfect website: First Class Experience Aruba. He immediately booked both their VIP Arrival and VIP Departure services so their time on Aruba would be bookended with VIP treatment. The stage was now set for a truly signature arrival.

Signature arrivalWhen they touched down at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix Aruba International Airport and de-boarded the plane, they were met with the warm smile of a lovely young woman named Daisyree.

She gently guided them through the usual airport procedures and then brought them to one of the well-appointed VIP Lounges where they enjoyed complimentary drinks and appetizers.

Secret Shopping During a Signature Arrival

Tucker excused himself because something had caught his eye in one of the many lovely shops in the airport. It was a stunning ring of rose gold with diamonds and an emerald at a jewelry shop. The couple had already purchased plain wedding bands, but knowing how much his bride loved emeralds, he could only imagine how surprised she would be when he produced this ring at their wedding ceremony.

Unbeknownst to him, however, Katelyn was also on a sneaky shopping errand, and Daisyree was keeping an eye out to make sure they didn’t run into each other! She knew her husband-to-be hadn’t brought any sunglasses, and she also knew he was excited to try many of the thrilling watersports Aruba offers, so she slipped into a sunglasses shop and purchased a pair made especially for that purpose.

Signature arrival

When at last the happy couple was reunited, Daisyree guided them out of the airport and to the limousine that awaited them outside to whisk them off to their hotel. She had successfully seen them through a signature arrival, and was now looking forward to seeing them in a week when they were scheduled to depart to find out how the wedding went, as well as the rest of their stay on One Happy Island.

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