Electric Festival has become a premier destination event on One Happy Island. From August 31 through September 3, Aruba will be electrified with four days of exceptional electronic and techno dance music mixed live by a line-up of headliner DJs from around the world. Festival attendees will also have plenty of parties to attend as well. When it’s all over and it’s time to say goodbye, you won’t want to leave. But we have a solution to help ease your bittersweet exit: VIP Airport Departure Hosting Service with First Class Experience Aruba.

Electric Festival 2017

VIP Airport Departure Hosting

Now in its fifth year, Aruba’s Electric Festival has already established a winning reputation as one of the island’s best events of the year. And we have DJ Chuckie to thank for that. He single-handedly opened up Aruba to the world of electronic and techno dance music to rave reviews when he moved to the island in 2012 from Suriname, and he quickly convinced the Aruba Tourism Authority that the island was ready for its first major electronic dance music festival. They rest, as they say, is history!

The final line-up of DJs for this year’s festival will be announced soon (stay tuned to the Electric Festival Facebook Page for updates), and if past years are any indication, you can be assured that the best DJs will be on hand for EF2017. The entire festival is largely hosted by one our most trusted partners: The Renaissance Aruba Resort in Oranjestad. Parties will be at the Renaissance Pool Area, Yemanja Restaurant inside and outdoor area, Renaissance Convention Center, Renaissance Festival Plaza and Renaissance Island.

Testimonial: VIP Airport Departure Hosting with First Class Experience Aruba

VIP Airport Departure Hosting

I recently made my first trip to Aruba with my daughter. We stayed for a week and enjoyed non-stop fun the entire time, and more wonderful meals at a variety of restaurants than I can even remember. When our final day came, we were both a little sad. We had a whole list of things we simply didn’t have time to experience. We could have easily stayed another week, but it was time to return home to the United States. We also weren’t looking forward to the hassles and discomforts of airports and air travel to get home. I always like to arrive to the airport in plenty of time because you never know what to expect in terms of lines at security checkpoints and immigration processing. What I didn’t know is that a friend of mine on the island had arranged for us to experience the VIP Airport Departure Hosting Service with First Class.

When we arrived to the airport, we were immediately greeted by Aldrick, who would serve as our professional host during the process. Because we came from the United States, we had not just one, but two different checkpoints to go through. When my daughter and I saw how long the line was for the first checkpoint, we sighed and prepared ourselves for what would be a long wait standing in line. But Aldrick informed us we would not have to wait in this line. He personally escorted us through the airport to an alternative checkpoint in a very pleasant outdoor covered walkway where there was literally no line out. We breezed through this first checkpoint feeling like true VIPs! The second checkpoint was equally as fast and easy. Literally in a matter of minutes we had made it through both checkpoints. We were so relieved that neither of us could stop smiling.

Our next concern was where we were going to spend the rest of our time waiting before the plane would start the boarding process. Each gate we walked by seemed to have lots of people standing around, and the seating was fully occupied. I was beginning to get worried that this would not be a comfortable wait for us. But then Aldrick escorted us directly to the VIP Lounge with its comfortable seating and tables where we could set ourselves up for a comfortable wait. Complimentary beverages and snacks were readily available as well, which was really nice since we knew that food options on the plane would be very limited. Aldrick made sure we knew how to get to our departure gate before leaving us to enjoy our remaining time in the VIP lounge. Needless to say, we couldn’t imagine departing from One Happy Island any other way than with this kind of service – it made the whole process a true delight! Here’s the summary of what you experience with VIP Airport Departure Hosting Service:

  • Welcomed by professional VIP host/hostess at airline counter.
  • Facilitation of documents and fast-track through immigration.
  • Facilitation of fast-track through first Local immigration checkpoint.
  • VIP host/hostess walks travelers to the VIP lounge (non-US travelers).
  • VIP host/hostess walks travelers to the CBP/First US Checkpoint and afterwards to the VIP lounge.
  • Personalized attention in our Airport departure VIP Club Lounge with complimentary snacks and beverages.

If you’re planning on attending this year’s Electric Festival on Aruba, you know after four days of non-stop partying, leaving the island is not something you’ll be looking forward to, which is exactly the perfect time to ease the pain of your exit with VIP Airport Departure Hosting Service by First Class Experience Aruba. Visit our website to book now!