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Flying First Class to Aruba? Don’t Forget VIP Fast track Arrival Service

There was a time when flying first class on your way to a Caribbean destination such as Aruba was a rare occurrence, but nowadays more and more people are realizing the great benefits of flying first class. Here are a few:

  • Who you might meet. You will find lots of folks who have met various celebrities and other famous people when flying first class. These are unique opportunities you generally will not experience when flying coach. If you are a business person, that small group of passengers in first class can also represent significant networking opportunities. Why pass up those perks?
  • A bit of pampering. Traveling is stressful enough to begin with, so why not ease into it with better treatment during your flight? Enjoy a three-course meal and the attention of a flight attendant for every six passengers instead of fifty. In first class you will also have lots more (and better) entertainment options.
  • Pre-flight logistics. First class perks start before you even board the flight in the form of special check-in areas, faster security checks, and access to secluded lounges with great food and drinks to avoid crowded waiting areas. Oh, and you typically get to board the plane first.
  • The best seat. There is simply no comparison to the comfort of the seating in first class. It is like your own leather recliner with a nice big fold-out table and plenty of leg room. You might even get lumbar support of built-in massage features. On longer flights, some first class seats convert into a flat bed. You will also find power outlets for keeping your devices fully charged.

Now think about enjoying all those amenities of flying first class and arriving to your destination: The beautiful Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. You can make your arrival very special with our First Class Experience Aruba brand new VIP Airport Hosting service launching on June 20. It is the best way to extend the perks of first class travel from your flight through your arrival to Aruba. Aruba’s International Queen Beatrix Airport is a true gem of the Caribbean, and our VIP Airport Hosting services make it shine even brighter! Here is what it includes:

  • Greeting: As you exit your plane, you will see our professional host/hostess holding an identifying sign with your name on it.
  • Porter Service: Never worry about managing any of your luggage, whether carry-on or checked bags, because we will do the heavy lifting for you.
  • VIP Lounge: Take as long as you want in the remodeled VIP lounge to enjoy complimentary drinks and appetizers to unwind from your flight.
  • Post-Flight Procedures: When you are ready, our professional host/hostess will then assist you through the baggage claim process and guide you through passport control and customs.
  • Limo Service: After the post-flight procedures, you will then be escorted out of the airport to your waiting vehicle, which can be the limo of your choice, for a relaxing ride to your final destination (this service is not included in the Aruba VIP fast-track arrival service but can be order as an additional service).

If you would like to experience our new VIP Airport Hosting service on your next trip to Aruba, visit us online at First Class Experience Aruba. Book your VIP fast track arrival service today