holiday travel stress

Beat Holiday Travel Stress with VIP Airport Hosting Services

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, the part of the holidays that involves traveling can dampen your spirits. No matter where you go in the world, airports are naturally much busier during the holiday season. Lines tend to be longer and many travelers are feeling a combination of nervousness, anxiety, and stress. The good news is that First Class Experience Aruba has the perfect solution to beat holiday travel stress: VIP Airport Hosting Services.

Don’t Let Holiday Travel Stress Get You Down

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The sad thing about holiday travel stress is that it’s coming at a time when what you really want is to feel happy and joyous. If you’re travel plans include time on One Happy Island, the last thing you want spoiling your anticipation of Aruba’s perfect weather and lovely beaches is a frustrating experience in your travel to and from the island. Aruba makes the most of all the holidays you love to celebrate, so you’ll enjoy not only the tropical paradise that awaits, but also some holiday touches that remind you of home.

VIP Airport Hosting: Your Holiday Travel Stress Solution

holiday travel stress

When you book the First Class Experience Aruba VIP Airport Hosting Arrival Service, your arrival to One Happy Island will be every bit as wonder and relaxing as the rest of your stay will undoubtedly be. And here’s why:

  • Greeted by VIP professional host at the end of the arrival bridge.
  • Expedited procedures through immigration.
  • Personalized attention in the airports VIP Club Lounge with complementary snacks and beverages.
  • Your baggage is handled with care.
  • Streamlined customs processing.
  • Your baggage hand-delivered to you.
  • Escort from airport to ground transportation.

holiday travel stress

With our VIP Airport Hosting we’ve achieved what we think is the perfect balance of fast-track processing where it counts (immigration/customs) and a more relaxed approach (time to relax in the VIP lounge or do a little shopping). And the same holds true for when it’s time to leave One Happy Island by booking our VIP Airport Hosting Departure Service.

Other Tips for Avoiding Holiday Travel Stress

There are lots of other things you can do to avoid holiday travel stress, including the following:

  • Get connected. Use the smartest travel apps to make your life easier, such as Flight Status for real-time updates on delays, baggage numbers and more, and GateGuru to estimate the approximate time you will spend in security.
  • Don’t forget the earphones. The biggest problem with holiday travel isn’t you, it’s all the other travelers who can’t keep their stress and anxiety in check. Earphones are your go-to device for tuning out the chaos around you and finding your happy, calm place. Don’t leave home without them!
  • Pack light, pack right. If your stay is relatively short, see if you can pack light enough to avoid checking bags altogether as this will definitely speed things up for you when you arrive. But also make sure you’ve got what you need, including extra snacks and drinks to avoid the “hangry” effect.
  • It’s all in the timing. Flights with the best on-time records are those that leave in the early morning, and if something doesn’t work out, you can always catch a flight later in the day.

Everyone here at First Class Experience Aruba wishes happy, safe holidays, and if you want to beat holiday travel stress with our VIP Airport Hosting Services, book now!