Aruba Summer Vacation Family Travel

Aruba Summer Vacation Family Travel – First Class VIP Airport Hosting

When the school year has ended and your children are enjoying their summer vacation, many families decide to take a special trip. Aruba is the perfect destination for your family’s summer vacation with it’s perfect weather and so many options for summer fun. But many families don’t realize this. Some may wonder if Aruba is a child-friendly destination. Others may hesitate when they think about taking one or more flights with their children to get to One Happy Island. We want you to know two things: Aruba is definitely kid-friendly, and we have a great offering that will ease your concerns about air travel with your children: VIP Airport Hosting Arrival Services from First Class Experience Aruba.

Is Aruba Kid-Friendly? Yes it is!

Aruba Summer Vacation Family Travel

A number of the major resorts on Aruba are adults-only, but there are plenty of kid-friendly options as well, and one of the best is our trusted partner: The Renaissance Aruba Resort. The most attractive feature of this resort is the fact that it has a large private island all to itself that guests of the resort are allowed to access by a short ferry ride. And your kids will love it, especially with the pink flamingoes and fascinating iguanas that are always lounging about. The sand is soft and white, the ocean’s waters sparkle like you’ve never seen, and the overall feel is very tropical. It’s the perfect place fun in the sun and water.

But if you can pull yourself (and your children) away from this intoxicating scene, there is much more to enjoy as a family on One Happy Island for your summer vacation. Another of our trusted partners is De Palm Tours, and they also have their own private island that can serve as your family-fun center! Armed with your swimsuit, towel, and camera, you will love all this island has to offer, from an amazing waterpark with SIX water slides to Banana Boat rides, zip-lining, air-jumping, human foosball and much more.

Aruba also has many other places your children will love to visit, including the Butterfly Farm, Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, Philip’s Animal Garden, Aruba’s Caves, horseback riding, and all kinds of other activities too numerous to mention.

An Easy Arrival to Aruba with VIP Airport Hosting by First Class

Aruba Summer Vacation Family Travel

If you are coming to Aruba with the whole family for a summer vacation, you know you’ll be taking at least one, possibly two flights to get here. After hours and hours on a plane, your children may be feeling tired and cranky, but you still have to go through all the procedures to enter One Happy Island as visiting tourists. After long flights, it’s hard to ask your children to stand in yet more lines to get through immigration and security checks. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our VIP Airport Hosting Arrival Services. You and your children will feel totally at ease with the following VIP services:

  • Greeted by VIP professional host at the end of the arrival bridge.
  • Expedited fast-track procedures through immigration.
  • Personalized attention in the airports VIP Club Lounge with complementary snacks and beverages.
  • Your baggage is handled with care.
  • Streamlined customs processing.
  • Your baggage hand-delivered to you.
  • Escort from airport to ground transportation.

The key to your arrival as a family is to stay relaxed, which is exactly what our services are designed to do. With our fast-track services, you’ll get through security and immigration in record time so your children won’t get upset about waiting in long lines. And a nice stop in the VIP Club Lounge let’s everyone take a breath, relax with a beverage and snack as you anticipate getting to your final destination. It’s the perfect way to make an easy, smooth, stress-free arrival to tropical paradise!

When your summer vacation on the island is over, you may not be looking forward to more family travel to get back home, but you can make your departure just as stress-free as your arrival by booking our VIP Airport Departure Hosing Service to enjoy the following:

  • Welcomed by professional VIP host/hostess at airline counter.
  • Facilitation of documents and fast-track through immigration.
  • Facilitation of fast-track through first Local immigration checkpoint.
  • VIP host/hostess walks travelers to the VIP lounge (non-US travelers).
  • VIP host/hostess walks travelers to the CBP/First US Checkpoint and afterwards to the VIP lounge.
  • Personalized attention in our Airport departure VIP Club Lounge with complimentary snacks and beverages.

International travel with children can be a challenge, but you needn’t let that prevent you from enjoying Aruba Summer Vacation Family Travel. Let First Class show you how to make a stress-free arrival and departure with our VIP airport hosting services. Visit our website to book now!