Your Special Event Destination: ARUBA

Is your Next Special Event in Aruba?

You already know how magical Aruba can be with its ideal climate, beautiful white-sand beaches, breath-taking natural landscapes, all the thrilling activities, and the VIP accommodations and dining that are available. It makes perfect sense that your next special event will be in Aruba. All you have to do now is to get the planning underway. But there are so many details to consider, from where to stay and where to eat to what you’re going to do and see during your stay on the island. How can you possibly make sure everything will be perfect when you’re not there to make all the right connections? Just thinking about planning a major event in a distant location can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Luckily, that’s where First Class Experience Aruba (FCEA) can step in to help you make the most of your special event. After all, it’s our mission to take on the burden of planning so you can experience a stress-free lead-up to your special event – and we have the skills and know-how to make it happen.

First Class Experience Aruba – Your Trusted Special Event Planning Partner

Whether the special event you’re planning is a wedding, honeymoon, corporate retreat, or simply a top-notch vacation, FCEA is your trusted Aruba Event Planner. To make your special event an unforgettable experience, you need a trusted partner on the island with all the insider connections to get you the very best in accommodations, dining, and activities. What you need is a true partner who knows Aruba inside and out – let FCEA be that partner to help you plan your special event.
Whether you’re planning your own event or you’re an event planner working on behalf of your clients, FCEA will help you think through the details, come up with a plan, and then present you with a full itinerary including our best suggestions and unique ideas for what will make your event the experience of a lifetime.
At FCEA we take the time to make sure we understand the client’s needs, requirements, desires, and preferences before we start the planning process, keeping everyone on the same page so the client needn’t worry about a thing. Having an on-site trusted partner is the key to stress-free planning for any special event, especially when it will be at a distant location.
When it comes to special event planning, you won’t find a better partner than First Class Experience Aruba, where our goal is to make sure that the only thing the client has to do is show up and enjoy the magic of Aruba.
Ready to take the plunge? Contact FCEA to get started today!