Aruba Christmas

An Aruba Christmas – First Class Experience Aruba

The Holiday Season beginning with Thanksgiving and running through the start of a new year is an especially lovely time to visit One Happy Island. If you come from a place that has winter, you’ll love a break from the cold weather to enjoy the same warm temperatures and sunny blue skies Aruba has all year long, but you’ll also still get to enjoy plenty of holiday and Christmas spirit throughout the island. And of course you’ll want to arrive in comfort and style with VIP Airport Hosting Arrival Services from First Class Experience Aruba. Here are the elements of an Aruba Christmas for you to enjoy:

An Aruba Christmas Begins with Sinterklaas on December 5

Aruba Christmas

Sinterklaas is the Dutch version of Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. The Saint Nicholas feast day is December 6, but it’s on St. Nicholas Eve (December 5) when gift-giving takes place. Sinterklaas in the Dutch tradition travels around on a white horse, has a long ceremonial shepherd’s staff, and carries a large red book which lists all the children and whether they have been naughty or nice. Sinterklaas is assisted by mischievous helpers called Zwarte Piet or “Black Pete.” As you can see, the Dutch legend of Sinterklaas has many of the same elements that became Santa Claus in other cultures.

Lighting Things Up for An Aruba Christmas

Aruba Christmas

Your time on Aruba during the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without making your way around the island to see the many amazing Christmas lights that go up during this festive time of year. The best-known display you won’t want to miss is the mount Seroe Preto City of Lights down in San Nicolas. Each year the Youth Union of Seroe Preto spend an enormous amount of time coming up with a theme and building an incredible display of Christmas lights that stay up through Three Kings Day in January. The cost of this display is covered by local donations but is also supported by 50 solar panels that were installed several years ago. Several of the island’s tour operators offer special excursions during the holiday season to see Christmas lights all over the island and First Class Aruba is always happy to recommend a tour for you to enjoy.

An Aruba Christmas Includes Santa Claus, Too!

Aruba Christmas

The children of Aruba are lucky they live an island that is a true melting pot of many different cultures because after enjoying the gift-giving of Sinterklaas, most families on One Happy Island also celebrate Christmas on December 25th with Santa Claus. Many families celebrate Christmas by going to a Christmas Eve mass or church service, wishing each other “Bon Pasco.” Afterwards, many families will then have their traditional Christmas dinner and continue the celebration on Christmas Day with gifts and a traditional Christmas breakfast.

Dande Traditional Music Festival

Aruba Christmas

A long-standing tradition on One Happy Island was ringing in the New Year with bands of roving musicians who would play and sing traditional Tambu music (the tambu is a kind of drum) to wish families a prosperous New Year. The word dande probably comes from the Spanish word dandare, which means going from one place to the other, and from the Papiament word dandara, which means to revel and have a good time. Today the tradition has morphed into a major post-Christmas music festival taking place in late December that features dozens of singers and bands performing both original music and traditional Dande songs.

Skip the Lines When You Arrive for an Aruba Christmas

Aruba Christmas

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