Aruba Airport VIP Lounge

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Aruba Queen Beatrix Airport Lounges

Everyone knows how stressful the airport environment can be. When you funnel hundreds of people through a limited number of airline counters, security checkpoints, and then into small waiting areas, travelers may feel stress. Many travelers seem to just assume that the airport environment will be hostile and unpleasant. This makes it hard for anyone to achieve stress-free travel.

The good news in all this is that the International Queen Beatrix Airport on Aruba has a secret oasis of calm and serenity for you to enjoy – its two VIP lounges, one located near Gate 2 and the other located near Gate 7.

Step away from all the long lines and crowded, uncomfortable waiting areas. You can sit in a quiet, softly lit lounge to have a drink and some snacks, read a newspaper or magazine, or catch up on whatever you need to do using the free WiFi. Compared to waiting areas, the seating in the VIP lounges is downright decadent.

The VIP lounges at Aruba’s airport are your gateway to a better travel experience and are available for use by our clients who have booked any of our VIP travel services.

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